You want to differentiate yourself from the competition- but the industry is saturated with photographers.

You sit down to research ways you can offer your clients a more memorable and empowering experience- but all that comes up is blog after blog about the gear to get, the poses to shoot and don't even get me started with that always awkward to pronounce fan favorite, "Boodoor, errr, Bowdor... Boudoir."

Every glimpse of an original idea that you do find feels like something you've seen a million times a few scrolls deep into Instagram or Pinterest. From outdated and expensive albums to predictable canvases, finding new ways to offer clients a safe space to re-experience their intimate images is a real challenge in our industry.

Photographers often think success is about creating the best images in the most styled studio sets with all the best wardrobe-

but they're wrong.

Today, the average portait client is well educated in what makes a good photo. You might produce some great images but if the human on the other end of the camera isn't engaged and connected with you they aren't going to shout your name from the rooftops for all their friends to hear.

Those elaborately styled sets aren't going to make the sale for you.

Your clients will forget the things you said, the clothes they wore and the poses they did but will never forget the way you made them feel.

The Mod Photog

Education for the Modern Empowerment Photographer

  • Mentorship

    Spend one-on-one time with Photographer and Boutique Owner Elise Kutt. Book a one hour mastermind call or a content building photoshoot experience with private pose coaching at her downtown Grand Rapids, Mi warehouse studio.

  • Retail

    The Modern Retail Method is an online course designed to teach photographers how build an experience based retail store off their existing photography studio to expand both their brand and revenue.

  • Templates

    Download our Naughty Magazine Template for boudoir photographers and give your client a one-of-a-kind product and experience that will change the way they see themselves and their sexual power.

Photographer | Boutique Owner | Educator

Photographer | Boutique Owner Elise Kutt

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I spent much of my 20’s in a frantic search for adventure as a Chicago location scout and producer for advertising, catalog and film shoots. I've ridden a camel across the Sahara, swam in a cage surrounded by sharks, and scouted for the perfect hot tub to fill with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I’m addicted to green juice, dying my hair, everything vintage, and the smell of new school supplies. I've spent years studying posing specific to the female body of every shape and size. I will coach you through every pose and movement like a boss and never leave you hanging! In 2018 I opened up west Michigan's first and only European inspired lingerie boutique inside my portrait studio located downtown Grand Rapids in an old furniture factory. In a society that puts a camera in every hand but is quick to shame the selfie, my mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for female self expression.

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