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Guess what fellow photogs?

Kick your feet up and relaxxx because you've got a secret weapon in your arsenal of unique products to surprise your Portrait and Boudoir clients with!

As Empowerment Photographers we all know that we do more for our clients than just take beautiful portraits of them.

We hold space for them to be seen, teach them that they're worthy of self-love and so much more.

I can't tell you how many times I've had clients ask me in their phone consultation, "But what am I going to do with so many photos of myself?"

That's why I thought, let's take this a step further. Let's give our clients the tools to tap into the powerful feels they experienced on session day. That's what the #ModBettieMagazine is all about, creating a safe and supportive environment for female self-expression.

A magazine in which my clients are the centerfold, the object of desire. And not only that, but they get to fill its pages with their own words! A reminder long after they've left your studio that they are worthy.

Self-Affirmation Journal Template

We include step by step instructions for editing and ordering your magazines plus tips on selling and marketing to your clients. You will receive the copy, templates and instructions for how to get what you need from your clients in order to complete the magazine. (Active Adobe CC Subscription (Photoshop is required and though Lightroom is optional it is what we use to make the process quicker)

    1. Download Your PSD's with Instructions for Editing and Printing

    2. How to edit and print your magazine

    3. How to Price and Sell the Self-Affirmation Magazine Experience

    4. *NEW!* How to use Canva to edit and Print Your Magazine

About this course

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With spreads like "The Declaration of Self-Affirmation" and "My Own Muse" your boudoir clients can now write their own personal guidebook to self-love.

The Self-Affirmation Magazine is a completely customizable magazine made possible by images from their beauty/boudoir session with you and the writing of their own words. 

Offer your clients a specialty product & one-of-a-kind experience with a personalized cheerleader styled page turner! 

Differentiate yourself from the competition and elevate your brand with a modern empowerment experience that promotes self-expression, sex-positivity, and empowering confidence in your clients. 

Customizable Writing Prompts

Think of this like a journal. Blank lines where your clients can write themselves a love note and cheer themselves on long after their session date. A great reminder to #ExistInPhotos.

Bria Pose

Hi Elise, I just wanted to share with you these. I don't know if you have a private group for everyone that has purchased your magazine template but I'm absolutely obsessed! Thank you so much for such an amazing idea and product. I can't wait to share these with my clients.

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